The Twilight Saga Roleplay Audition Role Position PartsEdit

Here are some auditions for characters in the Twilight Saga. The Wolf Pack, The Volturi, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer and Phil dywer will be up in a couple of weeks.

These Parts are up for auditions:

  1. Edward Cullen (Auditions)-(Urgent)
  2. Isabella Cullen (Auditions)-Edward_Is_Better_23
  3. Jacob Black (Auditions)-(Urgent)
  4. Carlisle Cullen (Auditons)-(Urgent)
  5. Esme Cullen (Auditions)-Hello55522
  6. Jasper Hale (Auditions)-(Urgent)
  7. Alice Cullen (Auditions) Alice Cullen 217
  8. Emmett Cullen (Auditions)-(Urgent)
  9. Rosalie Hale (Auditions) JasperandDamonarehotvamps
  10. Renesmee Cullen (Auditions)-(Urgent)
  11. Tanya (auditions)
  12. Kate (Auditions) TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt
  13. Irina (Auditions)
  14. Carmen (Auditions) Love and Lust
  15. Eleazer (Auditions)

The following are Urgent call for audtionsEdit

  1. Edward Cullen
  2. Jacon Black
  3. Carlisle Cullen
  4. Jasper Hale
  5. Emmett Cullen
  6. Renesmee Cullen

Please help this wikia grow.

The Following are takenEdit

  1. Isabella Cullen
  2. Esme Cullen
  3. Alice Cullen
  4. Rosalie Hale
  5. Kate Denali
  6. Carmen Denali


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So happy auditions. Goodluck!