Day OneEdit

It was yesterday when I was hunting and I went with Emmett and Carlisle and Edward and Esme, I hunted some damn Deers and mules for a change. I like Bears and Lions but there weren't any. Being a vampire is good but it has it down falls as well. I will be right back tomorrow.

Isabella Cullen (Edward_Is_Better_23)
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Start Twilight and Midnight Sun
End Breaking Dawn
Rewards I am playing Isabella Cullen (Edward_Is_Better_23)
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Panic Room Snow White and The Huntsman

Day TwoEdit

I was walking through the house and I found Carlisle in his office and he had a serious look on his face. I started to get a little concerned and he saw me and said "What is the problem Bella" he said in a questioning tone. I sighed and then said "I have got to ask, what is making you so sad. I can see it in your face. Please tell me why? I am starting to get a little worried" I finished and got up and said "Please come in Bella, I need to talk to you about Charlie. He is sick and I am afriad it is to late for me to do anything." finished and then closed the door. "How sick is he, Carlisle? Please tell me, please" I said sobbing and then he sat me down in a couch in his office. "I am afriad Charlie has got a very bad case of the flu and he is on bed rest for a few weeks and he is not able to work. So since you don't need Edward to protect you since your one of us now. I am going to ask if you can work for charlie until he gets better. So I hope that isn't a mission for you" He finished and then hugged me for reassurance. Then I said "That is not a mission it is a must. I must give back to my dad. He needs some time to rest after all that he has done for me"

Day ThreeEdit

So Charlie is one bed rest and I am now the chief of Police for a while until he gets better. I am going to put one rule up and that is that.

Day FourEdit

Well, today was a blast. I had to cook for 15. All the wolf pack likes my cooking. But I am scared to find them throwing it all back up. But now It is like going good today. "Hey Bella, can you write a letter to your mother for me and send her all my regards for her and her new baby." he said and then I grabbed the pad and pen and scribbled the letter and made sure that Charlie had a chance to write in it before I sent it.

Day FiveEdit

It has been a while for this day to come, my father is all better and he is now working and he saw Renesmee working at her first job last week, it is at a retirement home here in forks. I gotta go, Edward wants to hunt. Edward (h)'s Bella (Edward_Is_Better_23) 06:48, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

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Day sevenEdit